God and Darwin

Disney Movie – Chimpanzee

The other day I posted this quote..

Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you….

I have been thinking about this quite a lot over the last couple of days, I don’t often “write” for fear that it may not be good enough,  grammatically correct, or that it will just sound stupid.  I don’t push my opinions on others or voice them unless it is something I am passionate about.

That being said,

A friend of mine shared this statement today, and I thought what a great post that would make, and it forces me to write!!

Over 40% of Americans believe in Creationism.  Evolution and natural selection is sinful to them.  Poor Darwin and all 500,000 scientists who have proven his Theories CORRECT.  Wonder how Canadians stand on this…

Because I don’t do this often, I’m really going to go out on a limb and I’m going to “write in a way that scares me” I am not only going to write about Religion but my belief in God, and in Darwins Theory!!

Here goes, I hope you all respect me in the morning!!!!!  😀 😀

First I’d like to say I believe in God, I am a Christian, my great great grandfather and great-grandfather and their fathers before them were all Anglican ministers, I don’t go to church every Sunday or say my prayers every night, but I do believe in God.

I also believe in the Darwinian theory,  stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.   It originally included the broad concepts of transmutation of species or of evolution which gained general scientific acceptance. (Wikipedia)

Do God and Darwin go hand in hand? I believe they do.

I believe that Darwinism and God go together. One goes with the other as naturally as peanut butter and bananas 😀

In the bible,  God let’s us know that He is the creator of our world. God didn’t tell us in detail of how all of his creating came to be.

Is it possible that God is the creator and Darwin has just given us the details of how God created everything….

I feel God and Darwin , Science and Religion can coexist.

Just a thought….

3 thoughts on “God and Darwin

  1. You know, I’ve often had the same thought about religion/science. I don’t understand why there’s such a standoff between the two because it could very well be both that are correct.

    (For the record, I was raised Christian. I’m more agnostic now. I believe in a higher being, but not necessarily in organized religion)

    • I think its a debate that will go on forever….You’ve got me reading up on Agnosticism now, really interesting! Hope your doing well! 😀

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