You know the snow is deep when…..

According to Environment Canada as of January 28th
Muskoka has received 375.4 centimetres of snow so far this winter.
Muskoka usually averages 333.9 cm!!!!!

Which equals almost 12ft , 4inches!!!!

For some of my spectacularly grainy  Muskoka winter photos check out
Look at the Schnee!!!

A great friend of mine, Paula, shared this on Facebook today, this pretty much sums up the winter in Muskoka!!!!

deer on the roof

15 thoughts on “You know the snow is deep when…..

    • The weather this year EVERYWHERE is out of whack! We are getting another storm here tonight, cold front from Alberta meeting a warm front from Texas…hmmm will be an interesting evening, I hope it doesn’t affect the strawberry season this year 😀 😀 I miss hulling 😀

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