I’m Tired again….

I posted this on August 27,2012 and again on December 6,2012
and here it is again… 😀


Every so often I just get tired, tired of working, tired of cooking and cleaning, tired of the constant debates with the kids, tired of my responsibilities,
and tired of being so damn happy and positive all the time!

I am just tired today, my body feels heavy and I have aches and pains and my brain is not working to its usual full capacity 🙂

No Mother I was not drinking last night!  I’m tired of that too.

So I think I’ll just go to bed .

I usually “Count my Blessings”  but am too tired for that as well.

Tommorow is a new day!

7 thoughts on “I’m Tired again….

  1. this Squirrel here can so relate to this, i have to nap at least once a day…. also …get fatigued fast here. a lot. but is what it is,,so dis’ squirrel jest flyin’ by till i land anotehr place take care Q 🙂

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