Wednesdays Wine



Once again the reason I chose this wine was for the label 😀

Such a connoisseur, the one who chooses wine solely on the creativity of the label..

It’s around $13.00

Its full red berries ,strawberry, raspberry and  blackberry . You can drink it on its own or pair it with just about anything.

Bear Flag Wine, a unique California wine with unexpected blends, was conceived by a group of winemakers who wanted to create wines that reflected a side of California’s rebellious spirit. Rather than creating traditional wines, the group openly flouted the winemaking rules to craft a series of wine blends that defy convention. The result is three distinctive blends – Dark Red, Soft White and Smooth Red. Bear Flag Wine is available across Canada for around $13-$15. At Bear Flag, we believe the only opinion that matters is your own. –

On a scale of 1 – 10 I’d give it a 5.5 , price is good but in this case I felt like you “get what you pay for”.  OUCH






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