WriTe DRunk Edit SoBer

I am taking the advice of Ernest Hemmingway

WriTe DRunk, EdiT SoBer

It’s Wednesday night but as your reading will be Thursday morning.


My mother, had a sleep over…..I bought wine…..we drank it.

We had an awesome conversation, solved all the worlds problems
and then
just as we were discussing how to take over the world she went to bed!

The real story behind the wine

Dad suffers from Parkinsonism an evil cousin of Parkinson’s.¬† He has been fighting bronchitis and it has turned into pneumonia. Dad has a hard enough time breathing and swallowing without being ill, this infection is really knocking the stuffing out of him, it was decided on Monday after 2 weeks on antibiotics to be sent to the hospital on Monday for chest x-¬†rays, my daughter is a PSW at the long term heatlh care facility that¬†Dad calls home.¬† She was off on Monday¬†and was there visiting, She volunteered to go with¬†him with strick orders from me to make sure they were gentle and kind as of course they would be but he is unable to speak and his body is so rigid that I worry if he is left alone, she¬†stayed there¬†until either my mum or myself arrived.¬† She texted me throughout the day saying he was fine…I was at work…just routine she said….I still should have gone.

It is Wednesday night and he is still in hospital, I hope he is sent “home” soon.¬† Mum spends all day at the hospital with him. ¬†He is enjoying the morphine and extra meds he’s getting as mum did when she had her knee surgery and might I add you would never know she had surgery!¬† She is doing so well, no limping , nothing she is just like she was before.¬†¬† I cant imagine my life with out this woman in my life! Such an inspiration!¬† Mum is taking the girls on a 3 week trip to¬†PEI at the end of June, this has been her motivation¬† booze talking ūüėÄ


A¬†friend of mine has just started cancer treatment at Princess Margret Hospital in Toronto, he has been diagnosed with Stage 3¬†Nasopharyngeal Cancer.¬†¬†This type of cancer¬†most common in people of Asian¬†decent, he is not¬†Asian but is¬†however¬†he is the 3 rd¬†patient from Newfoundland to be diagnosed with this type of cancer.¬† He is into Day 4 of treatment, his positive attitude, along with his strong¬†will, amazingly¬†supportive friends¬†and the great care he’s getting is¬†going to get him through.

It’s been an emotional couple of months¬†and in particular¬†the last¬†couple of weeks the wine has been quite helpful tonight , I’ve been “bottled” up lately and not talking too much¬†… amazingly,¬†¬†I am so thankful for my Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc this evening and that Mum was kind enough to share it with me ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

On the up side, Daughter #3 is involved in an exchange trip with her class as Daughter #2 was last year, they flew out yesterday for Saskatoon, she’s landed safely and will have a week full of fun and new experiences.

It is now Thursday and Dad is still in hospital pneumonia as my sister said “can be quite tricky”.

Well this¬†has been¬†fun I think I will “write drunk, edit sober” again.¬†During my “editing” I deleted a whole lot, lucky for you.¬†¬†This has been very therapeutic.
Thank you

¬† ūüėÄ

“Think left and think right, think low and think high,
Oh the thinks you can think up¬†if you only you try”





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