Coconut Ice Cream

Believe it or not this is actually an alkaline diet recipe!!! It’s not just beans and greens 😀 😀 😀

coconut ice

Coconut Ice Cream


1 ½ cups coconut meat
1 ½ cups coconut water
¼ cup (or less) of agave syrup
3 tablespoons coconut butter
½ teaspoon lemon or lime juice
Seeds from ½ vanilla bean (or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract)
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon sea salt


Purée all the ingredients in a blender, until smooth. Place the mixture in a covered serving bowl in the freezer. (If you have an ice cream maker, chill the mixture from the blender then process according to manufacturer’s instructions, before placing in freezer).

From “Raw food, Real World”

Navy Moose Milk

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And since I posted this my “new friend” Shelley has become someone I talk to almost everyday. 😀 😀

I originally posted this on December 20, 2013

My new friend Shelley served for the Canadian Forces and shared the “secret” of Navy Moose Milk with me.  My ex- father in law was also in the Canadian Forces and my ex hubby is an army man.  Wonder why they never shared this secret before hmmm???

She told me that when moose milk was made on ship, it was made in one of those giant, metal, industrial blenders. They needed to make enough for 200!

Navy Moose milk is a tradition of the Canadian Navy. It was basically the last minute findings found in the cooks galley to mix with the leftover alcohol. Mixed in a big batch in the big mixing bowl. Though other branches of the military service (army, air force, RCMP) claims to have the original or best, don’t be fooled! Navy comes out on top!

moose milk

Navy Moose Milk

1.14 litre dark rum
1.14 litre Kahlua
1.14 litre vodka
4 litres of vanilla soft scoop ice cream
4 litres of partly skimmed milk

Mix gently until frothy with still a few ice cream lumps. Liberally sprinkle nutmeg over top. Enjoy and give vehicle keys to a party staying sober.

Army Moose Milk:
40oz Lambs Dark Rum
40oz Kahlua
40oz Vodka
4L Vanilla Ice Cream (the good creamy expensive kind)
4L eggnog

Mix all together, breaking up the ice cream a bit. Sprinkle nutmeg on top if you so desire. Stir occasionally as the ice cream starts to melt. Enjoy!
1.14 lt of Dark Rum
1.14 lt of Kahlua
1.14 lt of Vodka
4 lt of vanilla soft scoop ice cream
4 lt of partly skimmed milk

Mix gently until frothy, leaving a few ice cream chunks.
Liberally sprinkle with Nutmeg on top.

Canadian Air Force:
Messes traditionally serve “Moose Milk” at their New Year’s Levees. This alcoholic concoction contains no moose milk whatsoever. The recipes vary, but tend to include eggs, sugar, maple syrup, cream, or ice cream, and some combination of rye whiskey and rum.
The Official (well…sort of) Recipe for RCAF Moose Milk

Anyways, here’s another Canadian recipe for Moose Milk – metric of course:
*    1 l rum
*    1 l Kahlua
*    1 l vodka
*    3 l vanilla ice cream (softened)
*    3 l 2% milk (just to be diet conscious)
*    chocolate pieces (break up a dark chocolate candy bar or two- this is the added secret moose poop garnish)
*    nutmeg
Stir together, leave in some lumps. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.
You may need to play with the proportions to suit your palate. It does make a lot, but that usually doesn’t seem to be a problem, somehow it gets used up. Can leave you with a bit of a hangover, probably all that milk. Or maybe it’s heading out for spicy food after – been there, done that.

note: courtesy of Cape Breton News

MOOSE MILK Warning – Within anything from a few minutes to an hour after imbibing on Moose Milk you will begin to feel the benefits. Initially a mild feeling of euphoria will overtake you as your metabolism increases its efficiency. Within a very short period thereafter, you will note various other benefits including a massive increase in confidence, pride, intelligence and magnetism to the opposite sex. There are only two possible negative side effects and they can be avoided by following these warnings:
1. If you feel the urge to paw the ground and run head long into a member of the opposite sex? Resist.
2. Despite the strong cravings you will undoubtedly feel for more moose milk, under no circumstances should you attempt to milk a moose on your own; this job is strictly for the professionals.

Happy Friday!!!!

Simple Alkaline Salad

Simple pH Balancing Alkaline Salad

simple salad


An acidic diet can cause emotional distress in the body and toxic overload, leading to myriad health problems. It should be of no surprise that the typical Western diet is high in acid and low in alkaline. To restore health, a proper diet should hover around 80 percent alkalinity and 20 percent acidity.

This salad is rich in alkaline foods that help promote the restoration of the body’s pH balance. Not to mention, it’s also easy to make and tastes delicious!


  • 5 stalks asparagus
  • 1 cup chopped arugula
  • 5 red radish
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 cup chopped snow pea sprouts
  • 1/2 cup chopped alfalfa sprouts
  • 1/4 cup chopped coriander
  • 1 Tbsp. diced spring onion
  • 1 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds


  • 1 tsp. mustard powder
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 tsp. Celtic sea salt
  • Add pepper to taste


In a large bowl combine the dressing ingredients and mix well.

With a vegetable peeler, peel the asparagus stalks just below the leaves and place into a small saucepan. Pour water into the sauce pan to just barely cover the asparagus and simmer on medium heat for about 3 minutes until just barely tender. Remove from heat and drain.

Slice the asparagus stalks into diagonal 1-inch pieces. Then chop the radish into thin slices, and chop and finely dice the snow pea sprouts, coriander and spring onion. The alfalfa sprouts can be pulled apart by hand, but just be sure it’s not one big clumpy piece.

Add the chopped ingredients into the bowl and toss well with the dressing.

Lastly, you have the option to either chop up the avocado and gently fold it into the salad, or serve the half in tact by placing it on top. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and garnish with balsamic vinegar to taste.


Out of the mouths of babes

When the kids were little and they said something profound , matter of factly or remarkably wise my mother would ” out of the mouths of babes”.

and she was right!

Daughter #2 and I were talking and she had said she saw an “ad” on Black Friday for an animal shelter offering cats and kittens buy one get one 1/2 off, she was really ticked to say the least  and said “animals are not a product to put on sale like tvs and groceries, how can the offer a sale like that?” I completely agreed!

Daughter #3 heard someone say this past summer something about gay pride and the pride parade in Toronto, something about how they disagreed with it, thought it was gross, she piped up and said simply “if you don’t like it don’t go”, she like myself have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination of any kind. Once again completely agreed!

Daughter #2 mentioned that some of the teachers at her school were obviously unhappy about their jobs…one in particular, he centers out kids in class, is rude and seems generally unhappy, she feels its “time for him to retire as there are many new teachers looking for work that really want to teach and would make a big difference in the learning experience of the kids and maybe they would be a little happier wanting to go to school in a positive learning environment.Did I mention this is a class that she cuts quite frequently….. Again agreed!

last but not least  😀

There are anti bullying ads all over the place, it is taught in school, how to deal with bullies, what to do if someone is being bullied etc.  #1,2 and 3 have all been bullied as many kids have been , that being said I am also sure that #1,2 and 3 have probably been bullies at one point or another again as many kids have been.  One of the girls is having difficulty at school, there is a small group of 3 sometimes 4 girls that are not only centering her out but others as well. Centering one girl out in the hallway in front of many onlookers and making her cry after revealing a secret she had told one of them when they had been friends.  She walks into to class and has all 3 sometimes 4 stare her down and start whispering, nasty remarks and cheap shots on twitter, Facebook and via text, which are quickly deleted….I know I would not want to go to school or work under those conditions.   None of these girls will go into the office to speak to a guidance counsellor of principle , nothing is usually done either unfortunately, the fear is that if they say anything the bullying will get worse!  I was reminded when I suggested speaking to the guidance counsellor that ” We are not in public school anymore and they won’t do anything anyway!”  I  hear these stories all the time, I think its very sad and discouraging.  So many people are working to stop bullying and really not much has changed.  I have spoken with other parents about bullying and the feeling is the same “nothing is ever done, teachers hands are tied”.

I’m a still thinking about the best way to help her with this….




There really is a Santa!

Paul and I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning to our favorite place the “The Dairy Bar” 😀 😀

We had the usual,  his BIG Breakfast – eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast and home fries and my Eggs Bennie! YUM, YUM, YUM!

When we first walked in, the restaurant was packed, lots of people wearing santa hats, chatting, laughing the mood of the restaurant that morning was amazing, everyone smiling.

From where we were sitting I had a clear view of the street, which I love… I can do my people watching 😀 .  We were having our coffee talking when all of of sudden I saw this guy peeking in the window….it was SANTA!

Santa came in and said hello to everyone,  there was a family sitting near us, two little guys and a baby probably around a year old.  It brought tears to my eyes to see their faces when he walked over to them, the baby had the funniest dumbfounded look on his face, he was in awe of the man in red! 😀

I also noticed I wasn’t the only adult in the restaurant with a huge grin!

After his visit with the kids he made his rounds saying hello to everyone ordered a coffee and took a seat by the window 😀 😀

Loved it!

Santa walks up and down the main street of town for most of the month of December, he is not paid by a company or the town to do so, just a retired man dressing as Santa bringing smiles to everyone.  Many honk, wave and yell Merry Christmas!

I can only imagine the feeling he gets everyday, bringing such joy to so many.

Thanks Santa.

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