There really is a Santa!

Paul and I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning to our favorite place the “The Dairy Bar” 😀 😀

We had the usual,  his BIG Breakfast – eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast and home fries and my Eggs Bennie! YUM, YUM, YUM!

When we first walked in, the restaurant was packed, lots of people wearing santa hats, chatting, laughing the mood of the restaurant that morning was amazing, everyone smiling.

From where we were sitting I had a clear view of the street, which I love… I can do my people watching 😀 .  We were having our coffee talking when all of of sudden I saw this guy peeking in the window….it was SANTA!

Santa came in and said hello to everyone,  there was a family sitting near us, two little guys and a baby probably around a year old.  It brought tears to my eyes to see their faces when he walked over to them, the baby had the funniest dumbfounded look on his face, he was in awe of the man in red! 😀

I also noticed I wasn’t the only adult in the restaurant with a huge grin!

After his visit with the kids he made his rounds saying hello to everyone ordered a coffee and took a seat by the window 😀 😀

Loved it!

Santa walks up and down the main street of town for most of the month of December, he is not paid by a company or the town to do so, just a retired man dressing as Santa bringing smiles to everyone.  Many honk, wave and yell Merry Christmas!

I can only imagine the feeling he gets everyday, bringing such joy to so many.

Thanks Santa.

december 10 016









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