Improve your life in 15…

Improve your life in….


15 seconds
Dry your hands with a paper towel in public restrooms.  A study in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that this was more effective at removing bacteria from freshly washed hands than using air dryers.

15 Minutes
Walk like a happier person. Research found that subjects who walked with good posture (upper body straight and arms swinging at a normal pace) were less likely to be vulnerable to bummer thoughts than those who had a slouchy gait.

15 Hours
Spend this much time a week doing a mentally challenging activity (say, mastering Photoshop) In a study, those who did so significantly improve their memory after three months, compared to others who spent their time completing more passive tasks.

15 Days
Take a vacation already!! A report released by the U.S. that employees who fail to use 11 to 15 days of their paid time off per year feel more stressed at work and aren’t anymore likely to score a bonus or raise than their colleagues.


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Today I am very happy to have Arthur Browne from Pouring My Art Out as my guest blogger.

Arthur is known for having a happy go lucky sense of humor and has built himself quite a large family of followers.  He was one of my first bloggy friends and if I ever had the chance to visit him I wouldn’t think twice about it.

I created this blog from plenty of dark places I found inside my head and he was always there to comment on EVERY SINGLE ONE…or so it seems.  He has become someone I can count on and for that I will always be grateful.

So… when I received this post in my email I was, for the lack of a better word, shocked.  Why?  Because it is a very serious post.  It comes from a place I don’t often see.  It is beautiful, and heartfelt, and…

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