Pushing the cart

Going to the grocery store alone has become “me time”, sad but true.  After having four children over the last 28 years I treasure this time!  No more ” can I have”, “please can we get..” or leaving your half full cart to go and change a poopy diaper, No more tantrums and no more stealing of gum and chocolate bars at the checkout!

I like to take my time and often write out my shopping list aisle by aisle…☺

There is a certain amount of control that comes from pushing the shopping cart, I can back up, circle around if I forget something, take my time choosing the best watermelon, talk to whom ever I please,  it’s one of the only areas in my life that I have complete and total control 😀

On the very odd occasion ” P” comes with me…. I do appreciate the help but he insists on pushing the cart,  but he walks to quickly and zig zags around the store!  On one occasion we left the store early due to his zig zaggy “behaviour”.

We have not been shopping together since, until last night.  I made sure I was very clear on the ” rules” there would be no zig zaggig and we were to go aisle by aisle..and if he started huffing and puffing or any of the above we would leave the store immediately 😊

It surprisingly went very well, I only had to give him the “mom look” a couple of times as a reminder 😀


I had forgotten how anal he can be at the checkout, he lines the conveyor belt with boxes according to height and all the cans in a row never mixing soups with beans or veggies, milk before margarine always, it is a very time consuming and extremely difficult to endure.

Not to mention how he puts grocery bags in the trunk!
Painful ☺

After last nights shopping experience I have made a promise to myself not to share my pushing of the cart time with anyone.


(*note : I have cleared my public roast of “p” with him before publishing ☺)

~Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly~