TueSdays ToTaLLy useLesS biT of InForMation – MuSic FuN


Every act that has had a Billboard Top 40 hit whose title included the name of a different recording act, that other act had at least one Top 40 hit at the same exact time.  Some examples (not a complete list):

TuEsdayS TotAlly useLess BiT o’ InFormAtion – “Packy East”


Bob Hope is /was one of my favorites!! 

Before he became a comedian, Bob Hope was a boxer known as Packy East.

“I was sixteen, I weighed 128 pounds and the featherweight class had a top limit of 126. I just missed getting into it. If I’d taken the apples out of my pockets, I could have qualified as a featherweight. If I had, I’d have made out better. As it was, I creamed my first opponent. He was constantly looking over his shoulder toward his corner for instructions. When I hit him, he turned toward (his corner) and asked “What’ll I do?” and (his trainer) yelled back strategy. I finally tagged him while his head was turned.” –New York Herald Tribune, July 10, 1938

Too bad for “Packy” his third and last opponent didn’t turn his head. Hope won his next bout when the guy he was supposed to fight failed to show up. And “Packy” was headed for the finals–as in time to hang up the gloves, a very early retirement!

“Never forgot my last fight…a guy by the name of Happy Walsh. They called him Happy because every time you hit him he smiled. We fought at Moose Hall. I gave him my Sunday punch. He smiled. Then everything turned black.” –The Plain Dealer, August 17, 1984


Happy Tuesday!

TueSdays TotaLLy UseFull inFormATion for March 5


March 5 is the 64th day of the year (65th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 301 days remaining until the end of the year

March 5 is … Multiple Personalities Day

It is exactly 8 months until my 45th birthday…ahhhhhhhhhh


Today Forbes reveals the list of the world wealthiest people and as usual I’m not on it!!

A funny joke for this 5 day of March 😀

The family of bears posing for their family portrait experienced a true Kodiak moment. 😀
Admit it that made you smile!

and a thought or two

Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March, that month of wind and taxes, the wind
will presently disappear, the taxes last us all the year.  ~Ogden Nash

Happy Tuesday!

Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly

Tuesdays Totally useless bit of Information – The Queens Swans

I found this little bit of information while “surfing the net” yesterday.

Property of the Queen

“All The Swans In England Are Property Of The Queen.”

Being the Queen of England comes with some perks 😉

The Queen has the power to call an election, declare war, awarding of honours and the dissolution of Parliament.

The Queen also owns all wild swans living in open water – only the species called ‘mute’ swans. Other species of swans, and those owned by individuals are not owned by Her Majesty.
It is also not treason to kill a wild swan and it does not carry the death penalty, which is what many believe.


The Title “Queen of England” has not existed for over 300 years – she is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

oh just one more thing ….

There are 7 different species of Swan:

Black Swan

Black-Necked Swan

Coscoroba Swan

Mute Swan

Trumpeter Swan

Tundra Swan

Whooper Swan

Tuesdays Totally useless bit of Information – WD-40

WD-40 lubricant with straw for easy-spray.

WD-40 lubricant with straw for easy-spray. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wonder what the WD in WD-40 stands for?

The name was lifted right out chemist Norm Larsen‘s laboratory notebook.

Way back in 1953, he was trying to concoct an anti-corrosion formula, which worked on the basic principle of displacing water.

On his 40th try, Larsen finally got it right.  Hence the name WD-40.

It literally means Water Displacer, 40th try.