Grumpy Cat has almost hit the big screen!

Daughter #1 loves Grumpy Cat, she’ll be ecstatic when she hears that she’s hit the big time!!


This grumpy cat rose to fame via internet videos and was Voted “Meme of the Year” at the 2013 Webby Awards!

Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation, known for her grumpy facial expressions.  Her owner Tabatha Bundesen says that her permanently grumpy face is due to feline dwarfism.  Grumpy cats actual name is Tardar Sauce, her sour expressions earned millions of fans after her owner posted images of her facial expressions accompanied by funny captions online.

Even without Hollywood, Grumpy Cat is already raking in the big bucks. Grumpy Cat-branded products are on sale at Wal-Mart and she is currently appearing a number of Internet promotions for Nestle and Friskies cat food. The feline’s likeness has been licensed by a number of other companies.

These photos should put a smile on your face…






and last but not least