Cherished Sunday morning Silence

I love Sunday mornings!!  They are usually always so quiet and peaceful. c

The girls had friends over once again, what a mess in the “play room” all I heard for a couple of hours was constant laughing and giggling , the girls received Just Dance 2014 for the x box over the holidays and the 4 of them danced the night away, empty glasses, plates and bags of chips scattered.

Bentley arrived this morning at 5:45 to spend the day with us and Paul left for work at 6:30.

I’ve been puttering with housework, laundry , I’ve even brought in firewood!!  no applause necessary

Now I am having a little break enjoying a small bag of Lays chips and a coffee….yes that’s right I’m eating chips for breakfast! 😀

I love being in the quiet of my home doing whatever I please without interruption.  I cherish these moments!  It will soon end as Bentley will wake up , the girls will rise and want breakfast, cereal is on the menu this morning ladies. 😀


I hope you all enjoy your day!!

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈

Wednesday Wisdom from Daughter # 3

bentley baby


Bentley Baby is visiting again, and Daughter #3 is helping to teach him the rules and show him the way to being a good dog. 😀

Bentley is a really big puppy.  His size tells you he should behave like an older dog, his brain tells you otherwise. 😀

The two of them had been outside playing in the snow last night and when they came in he had a hard time settling down.  He didn’t want the fun to end so he started to antagonize the other animals, trying to coax them into playing.  This wasn’t going over so well. 😀

Daughter #3 finally got him to settle down and had him sit in front of her and then the reprimand began.

In a very sweet soft voice she began, “You just don’t think do you?  You can’t just run around the house like a crazy dog, you’ve got to use your head and think, what do you think is going to happen when you behave this way?  You’ve got to use your head Bentley ”  “Do you understand what I’m telling you?,” you’ve got to be a good boy.”

I couldn’t contain myself, I started laughing so hard when I heard this, she looked over at me with a very serious face, and I thought I was going to get a talking to when she started laughing,   she realized who she was talking to, but it must have worked, because he finally settled down.

I’ve often told my friends that I talk to our dogs like kids, I never use the “proper” words like off, down, drop it, my words are more like get down, give me that, ready, I’m not kidding and off you go.  When I’m getting dinner ready and the dogs are hovering in the kitchen many would say “out” I say “c’mon you guys, get out of the kitchen, I can’t move in here”, it works just as well as out, just takes a little longer to get to the point 😀

Cesar Millan should stop by sometime, Daughter #3 and I could teach him a few things about how to talk so dogs will listen.

😀 😀 😀

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈


Bentley has been over for a visit again…..

The Crime Scene

it wasn't me

I’m not sure what happened, it must have been the cats!

bad dog

Ok, I’m sorry it was me, I started to chew the homework that I pulled of the dining room table……

The Boss Man just came and picked him up, the house seems a little quieter…

I miss the little bugger already!!


8 days and a Gallon Margarita

Wow!! It’s been 8 days since I last posted!!!

We were looking after “the boss man’s” puppy, Bentley a.k.a Marley!

Bentley baby was picked up on Saturday night and life is slowly getting back to normal 😀

He really wasn’t all that bad, we found the mornings the worst, 3 dogs excited to go outside and 2 indoor cats waiting to make a break for it!

We’d have him back in a heartbeat!

Last night “the boss man” invited us over for a drink, one of his signature Margaritas.

He mixed up a huge batch in a blender enough for the 4 of us but he won’t share his secret mix. 😀

The one drink that I did have, was pretty potent! I was a little tippy on the way up the hill to the driveway. 😀

I think I’ll be one up on him with this recipe though!


Gallon Margartita

6 cups tequila (you’ll need to buy two fifths for this)
2½ cups triple sec (just buy one fifth, please)
2½ cups fresh lime juice
2½ cups fresh lemon juice
2 cups simple syrup

Mix ingredients together in gallon container. Don’t forget to refrigerate! When ready to serve, pour mixture into a 16-ounce glass filled with ice. Salted rim is optional.

Makes 21 margaritas.


Frenzied Friday!!

Well here we are the end of another week.
The “Boss Man” has left to go to Florida and won’t be back until next weekend.  Woo hoo 😀 😀
My family and I have the pleasure of looking after my four-legged co-worker and daytime companion,
BENTLEY a.k.a “Marley”, “Demon”, “Diablo” just kidding but this puppy is so full of pep and vinegar!!!!!

I wrote a post a few months ago about my furry friend and co-worker BMR. He was not quite two when passed away, he was a very young dog with old dog bones and a weakening heart.

We all miss BMR terribly and will never forget him.  He was a truly remarkable dog, the vet felt he had been in pain for quite some time due to his thinning bones, but none of us ever saw it, he still loved going for walks ,playing catch and he loved his stuffed toys, all we saw were his loving eyes and his love for everyone he met.


Within a month or so of BMR’s passing, Bentley arrived.

Life hasn’t been the same since for anyone 😀

He is a Golden Retriever who thinks he’s a Jack Russell Terrier, jump, jump, jumping and running at the speed of lighting with his bum close to the ground like a rabbit.

He really does remind me of Marley from that fantastic book and movie Marley and Me!

When I leave the office without him, out of spite 😀 , he takes pieces of paper out of the trash can and chews them up into smaller pieces, as quickly as he can I’m sure and leaves the office floor littered with little bits of paper, and sits in the middle of his newly made mess with quite an innocent look on his face 😀
Just the other day he was left in the house alone for the first time out of his crate and he chewed his bed to pieces, it looked a little something like this:


Our two dogs and two cats were taken by surprise this evening when Bentley arrived, it will be quite a busy house over the next few days!!!

One of the first things he will learn is to stay out of my garden!!!