Andiroo the Foodie


My  brother – Andrew – a.k.a Andiroo, Uncle Fru Fru, jerk 😀 😀 😀
Is 7 years younger than me. My sister and I often tease him about the “unfortunate” accidents that occured when he was young… he had fallen while playing on the monkey bars in the back yard and broken both his arms….hmmm and the time he took a ride in his walker down a flight of stairs and ended up with 2 black eyes….hmmm

Those things did happen but we really had nothing to do with it we loved our little brother 😀

However he did get his revenge on one occasion….at the time we used Johnsons Baby Shampoo…also known as Shampee!!!!

He was the cutest little guy , he had the curliest brown hair and chubby cheeks and was my mothers “pride and joy” and still is.
“Be kind to your brother” or “Andrew wouldn’t have done that” or “Isn’t he just the best son a mother could have” ok she never said that exactly but my sister and I know that she thinks it…:D 😀 😀

All kidding aside I do love my brother very much.  I’m very proud of him, he has a family of his own now,and is an awesome husband and fantastic father to 3 girls.
He also loves to cook, is very witty and I do believe marked as “gifted” I just call him special. 😀 😀
One of his friends suggested he start a blog which I think is great idea I’ve stolen some of his pictures and captions off of fb to share with you.

If it’s on fb it fair game right?? 😀

Exhibit A :

experiment 04-20-13 aka “no life”:  3 different hole and dough densities are subject in this test.  subjects 13L, 5L, and 3C will be placed in a morning trial to determine the outcome of drunkin daddy bagel experiments…  i think i’ll try the top left one now just be safe…i really want the bottom right one though.


shouldn’t have used egg on top like it said… the kids like them they’re just a bit chewy… test subject 14L(not 13L) has not woken up yet… so we shall see

Exhibit B :

this ones for my vegan, veggie munchin sister…  hello Mr Onion what to do with you?… HA! I know…


hello Mr Onion … mmmm


spiced fried onions, three different flavors five different dips, three friends underdone, overdone and done just right… always experiment with friends i say… yum yum yum.


I think it could make for a very interesting blog 😀