Megz and Lolo


My daughter Meghan is finally home. She’s been on a wonderful trip to Alberta, she and a friend “Lolo” flew out two weeks ago, and just returned home today.
It was their first big trip alone. They are only 14.  They stayed with a friends family who was gracious enough to keep them both for 2 weeks whom they’d only met on an exchange trip they took this year with their class.

I can’t thank them enough for allowing the girls to stay with them for such a long time and helping to give them such a wonderful experience!

On the way home they needed to take a 3 hour bus ride back to Calgary Airport, another adventure in itself , board the plane, which had been delayed an hour and finally back to Toronto, where “Lolo’s” father picked them up at 10:30pm and then spent the night in Toronto before heading home today.

We are busy catching up, she really hasn’t stopped telling me all about their trip since ohhhh about 3.5 hours ago, she is having a much-needed shower, so I have a little time 😀

I am so happy she is home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful night just like us

😀 😀 😀 😀

Summer Slow Down

Summer has arrived in Muskoka!!

  The small town I live in is all of a sudden alive after many months of sleep…slightly poetic non? Oooooo French too.. 😀

winter in port

Port Carling at the end of Summer

Port Carsling



aerial view – Hub of the Lakes

Three times in two weeks I have narrowly missed being T-boned, hit head on and left questioning why some people have a driver’s licence at all!!

On my way home from work the other day I was waiting to make a left hand turn onto my road,  when the person waiting to make a left off my road decided  she’d just put the pedal to the metal and maybe push me out of the way? she missed me by mere inches!!


Yesterday coming home some guy in a huge black SUV decided it was a brilliant idea to pass on a double line and on a corner….again scared the cheese right out of us, all of a sudden there he was!!!

And then again today!  I had just pulled out onto the road and was coming up the small hill near the “Corner Store” when BANG there was another unsafe idiot driver, she was making an extremely wide turn I mean wide she was in my lane!!! This time scared the cheese whiz out of me!!

There was actually and accident in a parking lot on the weekend!!!!  A head on collision???? Really??? in a parking lot!!!!  People must slow down and pay attention!!

Many people come to Muskoka to unwind, slow down and enjoy time with their families….why is everyone in such a hurry????  or maybe that’s it, everyone is so relaxed and breathing in the Northern air that they just aren’t paying attention? hmmm.

on a happier note and to change the subject

Daughter #2 is having a wonderful time in Alberta, so much so, that I received a text from her last night saying “Can we move here, I love it , I don’t want to leave”  so much for “Mummy I miss you , and I just want to come home and give you a huge hug 😀

I am so happy we were able to send her out “West” again, she was there in May for an exchange trip with her class, and was invited back along with one of her friends from school.


With views like this I wouldn’t want to come home either! Will post some of her photos when she’s back


Daughter #3 is having a great time with Grandma swimming, shopping, gossiping and trying to keep Grandma out of trouble. 😀


Daughter #1 enjoys spending time with me now that her busy weekend is over and has nothing else to do… 😀

Son #1 is busy working so we don’t see too much of him 😀

Happy Monday!!


sorry couldn’t resist


Happy Canada Day!!


Canada Day occurs on July 1st, the anniversary of Canada’s confederation.  Canadians commemorate the day with parades, fireworks, cookouts, and concerts.  The popularity of the holiday has been on the incline since the late 1960’s and has since become a nationwide celebration.


Formerly known as “Dominion Day,” Canada Day marks the anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867, joining Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province (now Ontario and Quebec) into a single country.  The Constitution Act  granted Canada a substantial amount of independence from England, although complete independence was not given until 1982.  Prior to 1900, there was little Canadian nationalism as many Canadians regarded themselves as British citizens.  The first official celebration was held in 1917 to honor Canada’s 50th birthday.

These are two versions of our national anthem.

O-Canada-Flag-Chart-English-N3596_XL ocanada2010

Here is a little bit of “chezziness” :

Candada is home to the Crazy Canucks :D, we have two versions of our national Anthem, our Nation from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean  is 5,187 kilometres, and has an Area of 9,976,634 square kilometres, Ontario is where I live it’s a wonderful travel Destination :D, but most of all Canada is an Awesome place to live!!!!

and for your listening pleasure a little Stompin Tom Connors

For a super post on Canada …go and visit:

Anne of Green Gables ???

I don’t know what to say so I’ll let the pictures do the talking…..

anne 2

This is the new book cover for Anne of Green Gables???? Really, what are they thinking???

First of all Anne is a Red head and well…..


click on the link for more info

Mouth and Foot Painting

I receive a calendar each year from the Canadian Mouth and Foot Painting artists.

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) was formed in 1956, and has been operating in Canada since 1961, theMFPA is an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouths or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.

These are some of the most beautiful paintings/works of art I have ever seen, and to think that they were painted using only  a brush held by feet or mouth !

Below are some of the artists and their paintings and check out their website at

Susie Matthias Mouth Painter London, Ontario

Susie Matthias was born in London, Ontario. As a result ofthe drug Thalidomide, she was born without arms or legs. Despite her obstacles,
she has always retained a positive outlook on life and the things that she canaccomplish. Throughout her childhood and early adolescence, Susie discovered atalent for art. She excelled in painting, and with support from her parents, shedeveloped her mouth painting technique.

Susie began showing promise asan art student at a young age. After high school, Susie continued with her loveof art by taking art courses at Saunders Secondary School, a school for the artsin London, and spent a year at Fanshawe College in Fine Arts.

In the early 1990’s, Susie was introduced to Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA), which has provided her with the opportunity to focus on her art full time by providing her with a monthly income. In 2000, one of Susie’s paintings won a national competition and was featured on the special Christmas stamp issued by Canada Post. Susie became a Full Member of the Association in March 2009.

One of her favourite pastimes is swimming which gives her relaxation away from her busy painting schedule. She has competed for fun in regional games and has won several medals and ribbons in her category. Susie also enjoys electric wheelchair floor hockey.

Susie currently resides in London, Ontario. She lives in her own apartment and enjoys visiting with friends and eight siblings.

 Michel Guillemette Mouth Painter Sainte-Foy, Quebec

As a young athlete, Michel Guillemette always had a preference for outdoor sports. In 1966, however, his life took an abrupt turn when, at age nineteen, he dove into the St. Lawrence River during low tide – hitting bottom and breaking his spine, leaving him paralyzed from the neck

He spent thirteen years of convalescence at the Sanatorium Bégin at Lac Etchemin, Quebec. The first years were long and depressing. This changed when he became interested in rehabilitation activities and decided to learn to write, holding his pen with his teeth.

Very proud of his success and with the encouragement of his therapists, Michel continued making progress and had his first painting debut in 1977. “My first landscape was not bad at all,” he remembers, “so I decided to continue painting.”

Since then, Michel has left the sanatorium. He now lives alone in his studio apartment, which is equipped for his special needs. He prefers to paint his landscapes in oils.

Michel became part of the MFPA in 1987 and was appointed a Full Member in March 2004.Besides painting, Michel loves to play chess and cards and relaxes listening to music or watching television.

Cody Tresierra Mouth Painter Cloverdale, British Columbia

The abrupt halt to a young, active, sports-oriented life just reaching adulthood is among life’s worst tragedies. Cody Tresierra, 19 at the time, now counts himself lucky that his life was spared when a motor vehicle accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Born in Ashcroft, British Columbia, and raised in Clinton, Cody was living in Quesnel with his family at the time of the accident. Transferred to the extended-care Pearson Hospital in Vancouver, he took up mouth painting as a form of therapy.

Encouraged and guided by instructor Betty Black, he became more enthusiastic as his previously unknown talent surfaced. Cody has subsequently taken private tuition to develop his talent and excels in oils, especially landscapes and seascapes.

In 1986, Cody joined the MFPA, which supports him to pursue his artistic career. He became a Full Member of the Association in March 2000.

“I felt pretty devastated when I was first told that I would not get the use of my limbs back”, he says. “But after that, I just concentrated on getting on with my life. I was lucky that I was young, and young people are adaptable.”

Cody maintains a lively interest in music, sports and all forms of the arts, and now lives with his wife in Cloverdale, British Columbia

The Ice Trail – Arrowhead Provincial Park

I have camped at Arrowhead Park during the summer months, it’s beautiful.  The park has always been open in the winter and offered crosscountry ski trails, snowshoeing, hiking and have now added a skating trail!  I’ve skated on outdoor rinks and on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa but never through the forest.

We only live about an hour away from the park, great way to spend the day, I can’t wait to go !


The Ice Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Opened in 2012 at Arrowhead Provincial Park just north of Huntsville, the Ice Trail is a 300 metre skate path set amidst the snow-dusted trees that wind through the East River Campground. Offering skate rentals for the whole family, this totally unique trail is a fantastic activity that lets you explore Ontario’s great outdoors in winter in a fun new way.

ice trail 1

Whether you are an expert skater or just starting out, the Ice Trail offers an opportunity for anyone, regardless or age or ability, to enjoy the fresh air this season. Day time skating parties can also be arranged, and camp sites can be booked for afternoon campfires, for time with family and friends. Such a blast!

Click here for some video scenes of the Ice Trail (around .5 secs and .39 secs….)

For more information about the trail, including hours of operation, weather conditions or bookings, please call the Arrowhead Provincial Park at 705-789-5105. See you on Ontario’s favourite outdoor ice trail!