A new Book

For those of you who don’t know … I am a book hoarder 😀 😀

love books

I love books!  I have my own personal libraries all over the house 😀 😀
On shelves in the basement, stacked beside my bed, in the spare room … 😀

I saw a book tonight and just couldn’t resist….30% off…I couldn’t just leave it on the shelf!!!!

I can’t wait to start this book!

While camping with her family on a remote island, five-year-old Anna awakes in the night to the sound of her mother screaming. A rogue black bear, three hundred pounds of fury, is attacking the family’s campsite — and pouncing on her parents as prey.

At her dying mother’s faint urging, Anna manages to get her brother into the family’s canoe and paddle away. But when the canoe runs aground on the edge of the woods, the sister and brother must battle hunger, the elements, and a wilderness alive with danger. Lost and completely alone, they find that their only hope resides in Anna’s heartbreaking love for her family, and her struggle to be brave when nothing in her world seems safe anymore.

This is a story with a small narrator and a big heart. Cameron gracefully plumbs Anna’s young perspective on family, responsibility, and hope, charting both a tragically premature loss of innocence and a startling evolution as Anna reasons through the impossible situations that confront her.

Lean and confident, and told in the innocent and honest voice of a five-year-old, THE BEAR is a transporting tale of loss — but also a poignant and surprisingly funny adventure about love and the raw instincts that enable us to survive.

Written by Claire Cameron


“A room without books is like a body without a soul”

Deer in the headlights…..

deer in headlights

It’s been a rough week, Pauls father passed away hours before my father, we both still have the “deer in the headlights” “what the heck just happened” feeling.

We are, along with our families deeply saddened at the loss of the two wonderful men we both called “Dad”.

We had a service for my dad on Sunday…

My daughter chose the following passage to be read on Sunday,  it couldn’t have been written more perfectly…

God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be,
So He put His arms around him and whispered “come with me”
With tearful eyes we watched him suffer,
And saw him fade away,
Although we loved him dearly,
We could not make him stay,
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands out to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best!


≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈


28 + 23 + 15 + 13 =79

4 children

I have been a mother for 28 years.
#1 is 28
#2 is 23
#3 is 15
# 4 is 13

That equates to 79 years of parenting experience!!!
Plus another 36 months of pregnancy experience 😀
So why is it today I feel completely useless as a parent, I feel like I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing?
Am I giving them too much freedom, maybe they need more structure in their lives, do I enroll them in swimming, dance and piano? Take them to church? Ask that they do more around the house?
Am I teaching them what they need to know to succeed in life? Uggghhhhh!!!!
My self-confidence as a mother has disappeared, virtually non-existent.
I am questioning my parenting skills.
Could it be because I am living with two teenaged girls?
Is it because I have been so busy with work in the past and now that I’m home I’m realizing everything I haven’t been paying attention too?
I seem to be “debating” with #4 all the time, #3 doesn’t seem to want to spend any time with me. #2 has moved to Guelph which is 3 1/2 hours away, and I can never seem to “find” the time to go and visit. (she is not happy)
#1 and I haven’t spoken to or seen in quite some time and I miss him desperately.
#1 and #2 are functioning, happy young adults making their way through the world, they are good, kind, responsible people, #3 is one of the kindest, funniest kids around and #4 has fabulous debating skills and is a great friend to many, maybe I should stop questioning myself today!?

I guess maybe some days are just like that…

“Behind every great kid
Is a Mom
Who is pretty sure
She’s screwing it all up!”

The Yawns

Do you ever wonder why when someone yawns it often makes you yawn as well?


If you yawn and the person next to you follows suit, not to worry…you’re not boring them, it may be a good sign, it may even mean they really like you!

Much of yawning is due to suggestibility.

Chances are you’ll yawn at least once while reading this.

Science suggests that contagious yawns are a sign of deep empathy.
They are caused by an irrepressible need to share and understand the emotions and feelings of others.

You don’t need to actually see a person yawn to involuntarily yawn yourself; hearing someone yawn or even reading about yawning can cause the same reaction – it’s infectious.

Science suggests that contagious yawns are a sign of deep empathy.
They are caused by an irreprssible need to share and understand the emotions and feelings of others.

The “emotional bridge” created by the shared experience enhances social bonding, according to scientists.  In an experiment, they found that a yawn was far more likely to spread among groups of friends than a group of strangers.

So there you have it….
yawning could mean
“I’m liking you” or “hey I’d really like to get to know you”

😀 😀 😀

Cut from the same cloth

family tree

I had a long visit with my father yesterday. Dad suffers from Parkinsonism. It is similar to Parkinsons.  He had been living in Toronto and moved here and has been living at a long-term care facility, we are lucky that this is also where daughter #1 works.

The staff is fabulous and love dad to bits, many have “pet” names for him and care for him and treat him with the utmost respect and dignity.

I have not been the best daughter to him over the last few months, life has been busy with work and the kids…the winter we had did not always make it easy for travelling either, these are excuses at best, I was being selfish, I find it difficult visiting Dad sometimes, seeing the deterioration and the disease take over his body and mind is heartbreaking for me. When Dad first moved here he was walking, talking etc. Over the last couple of years this has all changed, he now has a motorized wheelchair, which he loves, however has been adjusted to “rabbit” speed for safety, Dad is a bit of a daredevil 😀

Dads speech almost non-existent and it can be difficult to communicate, he has an iPad that he can type things out on and has had various other devices to help in communicating but his motor skills are failing and it is a very slow process, we all, including Dad find other ways to “chat”.  I’ve started visiting again and regret missing the last few months.  Yesterday we had a great visit, I was there for around 4 hours, brought him some flowers, fixed up his internet, caught up on his Facebook page and watched funny videos….  He composed an email to my mum which in his own words took “45 minutes to write” approximately 4 lines.  I talked about the spring we are having, the birds, the kids, mum while he patiently listened and I had also been trying to convince him I had the brain of a Mensa…but he wasn’t falling for it.

Dads determination is amazing, he insists on doing as much as he can.   Dad on occasion slides down in his chair and there is a piece of heavy-duty material that you can pull from the back of his chair to get him sitting upright again but he is bound and determined to do it himself, it takes so much effort but he does it, huffing and puffing, his face turning red, the simplest of things like pulling your self up are such an effort for him and it would be so easy for him to give up and just let someone do it but ooohhhhh noooo, he’s got to do it himself!  It’s painful for him to do things that we take for granted, his hands are rigid and cramped and his body hurts and won’t cooperate with his brain.

One of the things I admire the most about my Dad is his sense of humor, determination and the ability to always look on the bright side.

No matter how he’s feeling he always finds a smile and something positive in the day and waves and smiles at people in the hall. This has got to be one of the best qualities I see in my father. I have seen others that are just miserable that have their ability to walk and talk and have “control” over their lives, but not Dad, he’s always got a smile or a kind look for someone.

My mother is cut from the same determined “cloth”.  Both Mum and Dad are in their 70’s now and Mum has been an avid camper,canoeist, kayaker, hiker always taking classes, learning new things and meeting new people.  She had a knee replacement a couple of weeks ago and is staying with my sister for the next few weeks, Mum is supposed to use her walker to get around but insists on walking to the bathroom unassisted!! This drives my sister crazy, among other things….*laughing*
Mum continues with her physio despite the pain in her knee, as she has big plans to go on a 3 week trip to P.E.I which consists of lots of walking and camping at the end of June!  If it were me it would take me twice as long to recoup.

Seems funny to be proud of our parents when it is usually and hopefully them that are proud of their us. But I am proud of both my parents for all they have taught us and continue to teach us, for their determination and spirit. I’m also grateful that they have given us the mad crazy skills we all possess the coping skills, kindness and compassion we need to get through life and to pass on these qualities on to our children, who are already pretty “kick ass” kids sorry mum Their grandchildren range in age from 4 – 26, the older ones have proven over and over again that they are cut from this “cloth” and I hope the two youngest will follow in their cousins footsteps. 😀

I hope that they are just as proud of all of us as we are of them. I know they are proud of me, that’s always been a given, but my brother and sister ehhh maybe not so much . 😀 😀


≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈


The 24th Birthday Guilt trip!

Today is Daughter #1’s Birthday she is turning 24.

stac and adam

Daughter #1  informed her aging grandmother, beautifully caring Aunt and her beloved mother that she would be unable to join them for a birthday dinner celebration as she was having dinner with her father.  (me ex-hubby) 😀

Well that’s fine, it is her birthday and she can choose who she’d like to spend it with……:D

I sent my daughter this text last night in classic “mum of the year” style, it is an art that my mother passed down to me as a young child, has the knack of “guilting” you into doing things by saying things like “it would be lovely if you could join us, we don’t often get together as whole family anymore, but if your too busy, we’ll all understand”  😀 She is the queen of guilt trips!

Here is why I will be up for Mother of the Year award this year:

“Only one more sleep until your birthday, life hasn’t been the same since the day you were born, I understand you are spending time with your father on the day of your birth , when I went through hours of agonizing pain, had my beautiful young body distorted and stretched and damn near lost my life for the second time, changed your poopy diapers, endured many sleepless days and nights while you suffered from colic, cleaned up your projectile vomit and endured your wicked tantrums, while all the while your father drank beers with the boys!!  Enjoy your dinner with Dad!!!  LoL!!”

her response was:


I phoned her shortly afterwards and we both had a good laugh!

This morning I posted a birthday wish on her facebook wall:

“Happy Birthday Anastasia!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and I smile everyday because you are my daughter, and then I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!!!! I Love you very much! xoxoxoxoxo Have an amazing Day, and say hi to Dad for me tonight !”

I wonder if they’ll have birthday cake?  I have cake here….hmmm 😀

As many of you know, my family is a funny bunch, we love each other to the moon and back but we also love to tease and antagonize each other.

Happy Happy Birthday Daughter #1 hope it was a good one!!

Hope you’ve all had an awesome day like I have 😀

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈

Just a glimpse……

My crazy, yet loveable family….

Here is just a  glimpse into what I am forced to endure over the holidays.

😀 😀

Daughter #1 gave her sisters their gifts….it took the girls only 15-20 minutes to cut through the duct tape!!!

duck tape

And from my mother….a fabulous thrift store find .99 cents each and and additional 50% off I might add!!! 😀 😀


She and I buy tacky gifts for each other each year and spare no expense 😀

photo 1

As the title says this is “just a glimpse” into Christmas Day with my family…..and one wonders why I love my wine so much!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
Off to visit my brother and his family today, I can hardly wait 😀 😀

Hot Dang!

I am a bit late sharing this with you,

It was Daughter #3’s 12th birthday on the 26th of August

This was her cake

courtesy of her Grandmother

that’s right

her Grandmother!!!

hays cake

When Daughter #3 was visiting her dear sweet grandmother this summer with her cousin they would “check out” the boys in the area and when they saw a real cutie they’d say


So the wheels started turning in my dear mothers head and she came up with this awesome idea for her cake!!

not only did she put a half naked man on a pre teens cake she took Daughter #2  to see

We’re The Millers

enough said 😀

Raising children is a tough job but when you’ve got a mother like mine….welllll

Just kidding Mum

 We are fortunate to have such a positive role model such as yourself in our children’s lives……


Seventy five cents

I’ve been up since 5:30, hung some laundry outside, vacuumed, stripped the beds and now I sit with a coffee.
Daughter #2 is in Alberta for 2 weeks and Daughter #3 is in Newmarket for 2 weeks spending time with Grandma!!! Ahhhhhhh what will I do???
Well I’ll tell you….
Yesterday I went to work for a couple of hours and the “boss man” dragged me kicking and screaming to a yard sale 😀

I didn’t have any cash on me so I had to beg and plead for the .75 for this lovely rooster 😀


I went to grab my camera to take a couple of photos for this post and guess what ????? Couldn’t find it …. so I looked high and low, still no camera, the girls!!!!  Ok calm down think like Daughter #3 where would I put it…hmmmm….in the photo box, ta da there it is Ang is happy, grrrrrr no batteries,  sent tall, bald blue-eyed man to the store….I wait, the time is now 7:18….tick tock tick tock.

This is not the first time my camera has been MIA – In December I wrote a post on this very subject called Fun Friday Foto Finds.

He’s back. 7:53, now I can finish up my post 😀

.75 001

Then I had a visit with my friend Deboarah at the Cona Stoa the inspiration for this blog, came home and did a bit of house work then sat on the deck for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine alcohol free and then we went out for dinner CHINESE…YUM

This was my fortune: “Laugh long, loud and often”  loved it as this is similar to what I add at the end of my post courtesy of Me and the Boss 2013

 and of course we must add “in the bedroom” to the end of any fortune for added entertainment, so here goes

Laugh long, loud and often in the bedroom. 😀

Today I will do much of the same, it’s another beautiful day!!!

.75 002

Corner of our deck that I will be enjoying in a couple of hours..:D

Happy Sunday!!!

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈