Birthday wishes left for my Dad

I had a short visit with my Dad on New Year’s Day, it was his birthday.¬†My Mums too¬†

Dad¬†suffers from Parkinsomism, that nasty cousin of Parkinsons¬†¬†I’ve written about before.¬†

My Dad lives at a long-term care facility which is the most caring, respectful, home away from home facility around.

I met my Mum and my sister there, we had so many laughs, some at Mum and Dads expense..:D

When the residents have a birthday coming up the staff¬†post it on their respective doors¬†however Dad didn’t have one, instead someone left this poem on a card attached to the door knob.

Snowflakes are like the years we’ve lived
each one special and unique in its own way
have a unique and memorable Birthday.

It was decorated beautifully with of course snowflakes and a jolly looking snowman.

I thought this was a very sweet gesture, for someone to have taken the time to write this down and put it on a beautiful card for him.