Fireside Sketch – Wednesday Wisdom


A man bought a parrot, to which he gave the run of the house.
It was quite tame, and jumping one day onto the hearth it perched there and kept up a pleasant chatter.
The house cat eyed it, and asked who it was and where it came from.
It said that the master has just bought it.
“Then most audacious of creatures” said the cat, “fancy a newcomer like you making such a noise, when I who was born in the house, am not allowed to miaow!
If ever I do, they are cross and chivy me away” “O mistress of the house” answered the parrot, “my advice to you is to take a long walk. You see there’s a difference. The family does not dislike my voice as it does yours.”


∼This fable satirizes ill-natured critics who are always trying to find fault with others∼

Fables of Aesop