The Laugh


I did a very bad thing
I laughed
It’s worse than that time in Beijing
when I laughed

It was in Gananoque while I was away
I was stuttering trying to say Gananoque
all that came out was Gana Gan Gana
a smart young man began to tease me
I gave him a smack
and we started to laugh

He was the boy who was walking
and while talking
leaned down to say hello to a dog
all of a sudden he was in a rather large fog
when the dog jumped up and bit him

He was telling me the tale
and I said without fail
Well I’m glad your ok
“What kind of dog was it”
he then said with a smirk
A Beagle with a really big tail

Well I just could not contain myself
I laughed
my heart now on the ice shelf
I then quickly back tracked and apologized
and said
I’m so sorry I was expecting a much larger dog……

We both laughed
and he is ok
with just a small mark on his nose
and a good lesson learned
not to say hello to strange old beagles

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈