Friend to Friend via text on a Wednesday morning

Today I had an appointment to have two ganglions removed from the side of my foot, wish there was a prettier,sexier word for that

So to end a gross story I had sent my friend Deb a text while waiting my turn in the doctor’s office and this is the conversation that ensued:

Anyone who knows me by now knows I am a toughy well kinda and please remember while reading both Deb and I are mothers and very intelligent people and were both sober during our texting ppppffffftttt who am I trying to kid? Deb had already polished of a bottle of cheap Rum. 🙂 kidding

me: Sigh all alone and scared 🙂

Deb: Aw you will be fine snookums.

Me: Sniff Sniff

Deb : Now no crying. You r a big girl now.

Me:  Almost my turn, Im freaking out a little tee hee

Deb:  Deep breaths. In through the nose out through the mouth

Me:  Doing it people r looking

Deb:  OMG you r funny

Me:  Will u write a obituarie for me if I don`t make it 🙂

Deb:  That would be fun.  Here lies Angela. Her life cut short by ganglions.  May she still be able to walk in the garden of Eden. Rest in peace.

The stupidity continued,  I sent her a text when I was out of the office and told her the side of my foot was frozen she just laughed and said she could step on my foot now and it wouldn’t hurt….oh these friends of mine absolutely exhausting!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

But I love them!