Robert Mondavi, Pooh and Sue

Happy Sweet Sixteen or multiple thereof  😀 to my friend Sue and her life long friend and companion Pooh!!!! 

She writes Polysyllabic Profundities –    Random thoughts with sporadically profound meaning.

and as my new  friend Papizilla says “Show her some love” and check out her site!!!!

She wrote a wonderful post today as she does everyday and here’s just a small bit of what she wrote  ……..I celebrate with many people, some I know well, some I’ve never met, but there is one important celebration that mirrors mine – my Winnie The Pooh…..  

Check out her post for the rest of the story Another Trip around the Sun .

Happy Birthday Sue and Pooh I’m sure you’ll be celebrating with Robert Mondavi or Mr. Lindeman this evening wish I could share in your celebration! 



And Sue

I was going to drink tonight anyway, but I’m happier it’s because I’ll be celebrating your birthday with a Yellow Tailed Kangaroo.

😀 😀

February 2


Someone who is in my heart everyday wrote this.




I am becoming a woman finally!

I used to say each year that I was away from him and allowed to grow, that I was a year old, two,three…

well now eight years later (warp speed) I think I am finally growing some breasts (or as a friend calls them…lady balls).

This also means today, Feb 2, 8 years no him and no smoking!

Happy birthday to me!!!

Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly.