Weight gain no more!

This is not a New Years resolution, the timing is just coincidental.

I have written about my weight gain in previous posts and have not followed through with anything I said I would. No surprise there…


My back has been so sore since boxing day, and last night it hit its peak!!  Each time I moved the pain would take my breath away, I don’t often have trouble with my back.  Like most people if I’ve lifted something heavy or over done it a little my back will be sore for a day or two but this is much different.

I have not been walking or doing any form of exercise but to lift a fork full of food to my face or lift a full glass of wine to my mouth!

I truly believe the pain I’m experiencing in my back is from the extra weight I’m hauling around.  I’ve gained 25 – 30 pounds, this is quite a bit on my frame and need to lose it.  My healthy weight is 120 – 125.   I am now pushing 155, my body is feeling the extra pounds not to mention all that fat sitting around my organs forcing them to work harder and making me feel sluggish all the time.   I just need to do it.

We have been getting ready to go to church this morning which we have not done in quite some time tsk tsk and I pulled from the closet a pair of pants that used to fit nicely, well Paul needed to get out the ol body shoe horn to force these pants on me, there I am dancing my way into these pants, quite a site… my sister has always teased me that I have no bum and have a body like a boy. Well I look like no boy now and that was the hardest part ….. getting them up over my now obvious bum. 😀  I am happy to say that these pants have a little bit of spandex woven into them so that they have a little give when I sit down, otherwise this could be disastrous.

So starting Monday 😀 , well actually today, I will go back to my active self which will include walking, learning to push the plate away and of course Yoga which I love.

Wish me luck on my “journey” to a healthier me!