Thursday, Thursday.

paper 2

Good Thursday Morning to you!

My Holiday is over, I am back to work today. 😦

I have had a wonderful break from work and spent a lot of time with my family.

I sent a text to my boss wishing him a Happy New Year,  also asking if he missed me…. a little joke we play with each other when either one of us is away for an extended period, the response I got was:
“Happy New Year to you to Lady, you need to come to work tomorrow your desk is covered in paper!!”
Ahhhhhh can’t you just feel the love 😀 😀

I know he missed me…I just know it!!!!
😀 😀 😀
(I was scheduled to work today and tomorrow anyway)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈


I have been MIA for the last week or so, I don’t really have a good explanation as to my absence , however, Daughter #1 has moved into her own apartment, Daughter #2 has been cutting a couple of classes and Daughter #3 has joined the school basketball team, work has been busy and Christmas is just around the corner annndd Bentley Baby is visiting again.

I am also someone whom Daughter #3 has called “not very festive”…… I am festive at this time of year at least I try to be.  The last few years I have lost my Christmas spirit and I guess the “festive mask” I put on she can see right through.

I used to love Christmas and now I just like it.  Christmas for me has just too many memories and, well, I guess I get a little melancholy at this time of year.  I thought I hid it well.


I haven’t seen my #1 son in quite a while, and I miss him.

wah wah wah.  I know, I know Angies Grapevine is a happy place to visit, it still is ,look

joy joy


happy happy

Last one 😀

more joy

Life is full of choices
and I choose

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈