Fun Friday Cocktail – Infused Spirits

I’m not a huge Vodka fan but this is  good.   It make a great hostess gift or a unique homemade Christmas gift.

It’s so much cheaper to make this way than buying store bought flavored Vodka.

 Once you’ve made your “brew” you only need to wait about a week.
Choose a clean, air-tight jar: quart sized mason jars work well. Using smaller jars will allow you to divide a liter of vodka into a few jars, giving you the ability to create small batches of a variety of flavors at once. Wash the ingredients, place them inside the jar and fill it with vodka. Shake a few times and cover tightly with a lid.
You will want to store your “brew” in a cool, dark place and shake it 3-5 times a day .
On average the ingredients should stay in the liquor for 3-5 days. Some of your more intense flavors will only need 3 days, less intense flavors should stay in the jar for a full week or more . You will want to do a taste test every few days to see if the flavors are sufficient.  Ahhh the best part, taste testing mmm mmmm.
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Use this basic recipe for any fruit:

Fresh strawberries, washed, hulled and gently patted dry

Good quality vodka

1 tablespoon granulated sugar per mason jar

For Peach Vodka use peeled, sliced peaches

For Citrus vodka use one medium lemon and one small orange, sliced into rounds and stacked in the mason jars

Just fill your jars to the top with fruit and fill jar with vodka, DONE!  How easy is that!?

There are so many combinations you can use:

Cucumber and Lime – Vodka Martini

Tomato and Hot Pepper – Bloody Mary or a Ceaser


Cinnamon and Nutmeg – Add to Baileys or a Black Russian

Lemon Infused – Lemon drop shooter

Cherry – Cherry Bomb

For more great ideas check out Infused Vodka

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