Me time



I’ve been home quite a lot on my own lately and loving it, as some of you know I have been unemployed for about 5 weeks.

I have been working part time and have signed up to volunteer at the OSPCA again, I can’t wait…!

I have been giving myself some quality “me” time.  Spending time alone is a great way for me to recharge my “mental batteries” and regroup – everyone should try to do this!

So many great things to do alone like going to a bookstore,  spending hours exploring every genre of book known to the world,  snagging one off the shelf and plunking down in a comfy chair for a while.

I have become a Criminal Minds Junkie, watching almost everyday at noon I then move on to the Food Network and learn new recipes and cooking techniques which I try to whip up later in the week, but often end up making a mess of.

I’ve been walking more with the dogs and becoming one with nature again 😀 😀 began doing yoga again,  not quite “class” ready yet but I’m getting there.

So much to do so little time…..I still want to go people watching, I love to people watch, it’s always interesting, often hilarious, very entertaining.

It’s nice to get to know me again, I lost sight of who I was for a little while and its awesome to have this time to get reacquainted 😀 😀


Learn to be alone and like it.
There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.
– Mandy Hale