Finding Beauty and Awesomeness.

This post may be a little sappy, crazy or a little bit of both
maybe  you’ll agree  😀

camping etc 029

I’ve always noticed the beauty in everything around me, but lately I seem to be paying more attention and appreciating more.  I am starting to appreciate my friends and family even more than I did before, finding joy in the glitter on the snow at night when the moon is full, the silence outside early in the morning….what’s going on?   😀

We’ve received a ton of snow this winter and everyone has just about had it including myself, it seems to snow everyday and when it’s not snowing its brutally cold.  I still find myself looking at snow drifts and the way the snow hangs off the trees and roofs.  Looking at the moon when I’m out with the dogs and seeing nothing but blue all around me…and I love it!!  I’m smiling more, even if I see a funny looking vegetable at the grocery store I find my self smiling.

I was out on Friday night and it was cold and blowy, I was driving the kids to the dance that’s held every month ..  The wind was so strong it was blowing the snow across the highway , swirling and jumping across the highway and in the headlights it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, I mentioned it the girls sitting in that back seat, they all just kind of groaned and went back to chatting and listening to music..I even noticed how the wind was blowing flags on the lamp posts around  town!  And again mentioned it to the girls and was greeted with more groans 😀

The more I think about it its a little bit like the book The Book of Awesome finding the little simple things in life that make us happy like warm underwear out of the dryer .  😀

I’ll have to admit its beginning to drive me a little crazy, everywhere I look I find something to appreciate. 😀

The author of The Book of Awesome Neil Pasricha says this:  “It’s easy to forget the things that make us smile.  With a 24/7 news cycle reporting that the polar ice caps are melting, hurricanes are swirling in the seas, wars are heating up around the world, and the job market is in a deep freeze, it’s tempting to feel that world is falling apart.  But awesome thins are all around us – sometimes we just need someone to point them out.”  he goes on to say “it seems like maybe these tiny little moments make an awesome difference in many of our rushed, jam-packed lives.  Maybe we all love snow days, peeling an orange in one shot, and popping bubble wrap.”

I think Neil and I must have had similar mothers 😀

I do have my mother to thank for this, growing up she’d always say oh look at this, look at that, look how the waves are coming up on shore, look up close at the dew on the grass blah blah blah 😀  When I was younger I’d say things like “yes mum, that flower is pretty” ” yes I see how pretty the moon is” and on and on, she was and still is forever taking photos, when we are camping or going for walks, out for dinner there is my mum, oh stop right there, oh that’s beautiful, I’ve got to take a picture.  😀

Mum finds beauty and awesomeness in everything too, she even sees the beauty in a sushi roll 😀


I now have a much greater appreciation for everything around me.  To see the beauty and the awesomeness in the little things.

Thank you Mum for showing me how to see the beauty in everyday things and people it is the best gift you’ve ever given me.


The 24th Birthday Guilt trip!

Today is Daughter #1’s Birthday she is turning 24.

stac and adam

Daughter #1  informed her aging grandmother, beautifully caring Aunt and her beloved mother that she would be unable to join them for a birthday dinner celebration as she was having dinner with her father.  (me ex-hubby) 😀

Well that’s fine, it is her birthday and she can choose who she’d like to spend it with……:D

I sent my daughter this text last night in classic “mum of the year” style, it is an art that my mother passed down to me as a young child, has the knack of “guilting” you into doing things by saying things like “it would be lovely if you could join us, we don’t often get together as whole family anymore, but if your too busy, we’ll all understand”  😀 She is the queen of guilt trips!

Here is why I will be up for Mother of the Year award this year:

“Only one more sleep until your birthday, life hasn’t been the same since the day you were born, I understand you are spending time with your father on the day of your birth , when I went through hours of agonizing pain, had my beautiful young body distorted and stretched and damn near lost my life for the second time, changed your poopy diapers, endured many sleepless days and nights while you suffered from colic, cleaned up your projectile vomit and endured your wicked tantrums, while all the while your father drank beers with the boys!!  Enjoy your dinner with Dad!!!  LoL!!”

her response was:


I phoned her shortly afterwards and we both had a good laugh!

This morning I posted a birthday wish on her facebook wall:

“Happy Birthday Anastasia!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and I smile everyday because you are my daughter, and then I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!!!! I Love you very much! xoxoxoxoxo Have an amazing Day, and say hi to Dad for me tonight !”

I wonder if they’ll have birthday cake?  I have cake here….hmmm 😀

As many of you know, my family is a funny bunch, we love each other to the moon and back but we also love to tease and antagonize each other.

Happy Happy Birthday Daughter #1 hope it was a good one!!

Hope you’ve all had an awesome day like I have 😀

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈

Tuesdays Totally useless bit of information – Face plant

Before continuing with this story I must stress that in my family we love each other dearly, we are also a sarcastic,humorous bunch…we all tease each other no one is safe 😀

Not even my mother


My Mother
there aint no other
oh me oh my
My Mother

My dear ol mother wanted a free pedometer….true story
She went all the way downtown and hoped her blood pressure would be high that day,
so she’d be accepted into a research group and receive dum dee dee dum the free pedometer!!!!
Well she got it!!!
She was showing off the new pedometer and the 10’s of thousands of steps she’s taken with proof now in her hands to her walking buddy and was walking sideways with her leg brace on and her large orthopedic shoes when all of a sudden she tripped and fell on her face!!

Oh it’s not as though mother couldn’t afford a pedometer, it was just the lure of getting something for free 😀

She said when she told me her story she just wanted a sympathetic ear…pfffttttt I said and my response was this:
You won’t get one of those here Mum laughing and remember “Worse things happen at sea dear” and “There is always someone worse off than yourself” or my favorite “Up you get now and stop your fussing”

Which is something I remember hearing when I scraped my knee on my tricycle or the time I burned my elbow on the bbq….or the time when…you get the idea 😀

Mum is ok, her face is badly bruised and she’s got a black eye ,her face was cut, glasses bent and her self dignity … well there’s not much of that left is there?

I am so glad that she’s alright and didn’t break any bones, she does have a fantastic sense of humor and is using makeup so her other eye will match…..I can’t imagine!!!!!

I’d love to post her photo but that would go against the “blog” rules I must follow. 😀

Hope your feeling better soon Mummy Dearest 😀

Andiroo the Foodie


My  brother – Andrew – a.k.a Andiroo, Uncle Fru Fru, jerk 😀 😀 😀
Is 7 years younger than me. My sister and I often tease him about the “unfortunate” accidents that occured when he was young… he had fallen while playing on the monkey bars in the back yard and broken both his arms….hmmm and the time he took a ride in his walker down a flight of stairs and ended up with 2 black eyes….hmmm

Those things did happen but we really had nothing to do with it we loved our little brother 😀

However he did get his revenge on one occasion….at the time we used Johnsons Baby Shampoo…also known as Shampee!!!!

He was the cutest little guy , he had the curliest brown hair and chubby cheeks and was my mothers “pride and joy” and still is.
“Be kind to your brother” or “Andrew wouldn’t have done that” or “Isn’t he just the best son a mother could have” ok she never said that exactly but my sister and I know that she thinks it…:D 😀 😀

All kidding aside I do love my brother very much.  I’m very proud of him, he has a family of his own now,and is an awesome husband and fantastic father to 3 girls.
He also loves to cook, is very witty and I do believe marked as “gifted” I just call him special. 😀 😀
One of his friends suggested he start a blog which I think is great idea I’ve stolen some of his pictures and captions off of fb to share with you.

If it’s on fb it fair game right?? 😀

Exhibit A :

experiment 04-20-13 aka “no life”:  3 different hole and dough densities are subject in this test.  subjects 13L, 5L, and 3C will be placed in a morning trial to determine the outcome of drunkin daddy bagel experiments…  i think i’ll try the top left one now just be safe…i really want the bottom right one though.


shouldn’t have used egg on top like it said… the kids like them they’re just a bit chewy… test subject 14L(not 13L) has not woken up yet… so we shall see

Exhibit B :

this ones for my vegan, veggie munchin sister…  hello Mr Onion what to do with you?… HA! I know…


hello Mr Onion … mmmm


spiced fried onions, three different flavors five different dips, three friends underdone, overdone and done just right… always experiment with friends i say… yum yum yum.


I think it could make for a very interesting blog 😀

With Love


Before humans die, they write their last Will And Testament.

They leave their homes and all they have, to those they have left behind.
If, with my paws, I could do the same…this is what I would ask…

To a poor and lonely stray, I would leave my happy home.
My bowl and cozy bed, soft pillows and all my toys.
The lap, which I loved so much.

Then tender, loving touch.  The hand which stroked my fur and the sweet voice which called my name.

I’d Will, to the sad, scared shelter dog, the place I had in my human’s loving heart.  A heart which knew no bounds.

So when I die, please do not say I will never have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.

Instead…go find an unloved dog.  One whose life has held no joy or hope, and give MY place to HIM.  This is the only thing that I can give… The LOVE I left behind.

THIS is my inheritance My Will and my last Testament