Ms.Drive -Thru and the Peppermint tea

My friend Ms. Paula 🙂 told me about a yummy drink recipe for Hot Chocolate.

Ms. Paula was at the McDonalds Drive-thru ordering a Mocha, she started a conversation with Ms. Drive-thru about hot chocolate, mochas, cappuccino. Ms Paula can start up a conversation with anyone anywhere 🙂

Ms Drive-Thru  told her she adds a peppermint tea bag to her Hot Chocolate!!! Presto chango you’ve got  Mint chocolate hot chocolate Who’d a thunk it?  Can’t wait to try it.

I usually put a candy cane or cayenne pepper in mine.

Other yummy things to add to hot chocolate :

Vodka, Amarula, Whiskey, Fireball Whiskey are nice addition too for a little extra warm up.