A Haiku for you


april 1

Happy April Fools
Snow is falling heavily
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A Poem a Day for April


Papizilla and Sahm King are celebrating Poetry Month by getting as many of their “peeps” as they can to contribute a poem everyday for the Month of April.

I thought it would be fun to participate

There is also a facebook page and blog site both by the same name

We Drink Because We’re  poets

You should check it out there are some brilliant works of poetry being posted

I will try my best in the future to be a little more impassioned 😀

but for today we’ll just keep it in true Angie Style

😀 :D:D

A Poem a day
I said ok
Wonder what I’ll write today?

Something happy?
Something Sad?
Something serious?

How shall I begin?
Choose a phrase?
Choose a feeling?

A poem a day
What should I write today?

Happy Sunday

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈