My next Read – A Historical Fantasy

I receive a monthly Newsletter from Goodreads with lots of great book recommendations. 

I thought this one looked really good, I’ll heading to the library after work to pick it up, let you know next week what my thoughts are. 😀


Nicola Marter was born with a gift: when she touches an object, she sometimes glimpses those who have owned it before. When the gallery she works in receives a wooden carving she can see the object’s history and knows that it was named after the Firebird, the mythical bird that inspires an old Russian fairytale and was once owned by Russia’s famed Empress Catherine.

Nicola’s investigation into the Firebird’s origin draws her into the 1715 world of Anna Logan and leads her on a quest through Scotland, France and Russia, unearthing a tale of love and sacrifice, of courage and redemption