Day 5 – 30 Day Book Challenge – A Non-Fiction book that you actually enjoyed

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 5

A Non-fiction book that you actually enjoyed

I received two books for Christmas a couple of years ago from my mother they were both books on Charles Darwin the first one being, Charles and Emma The Darwins’ Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman and the second was The Origin of Species by David Quammen

Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species, on evolution and the fundamental ideas involved, in 1859. 
 The theory of evolution continues to create tension between the scientific and religious communities. 
 Challenges about teaching the theory of evolution in schools occur annually all over the country. This same debate raged within Darwin himself, and played an important part in his marriage: his wife, Emma, was quite religious, and her faith gave Charles a lot to think about as he worked on a theory that continues to spark intense debates. Charles and Emma is a fantastic book!
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And the second one was Charles Darwin On the origin of species by Charles Darwin

This book immediately became one of the most controversial scientific works in history and still is today. 
Notes from Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle allows the reader to  experience his journey and  understand how he developed his theory of evolution.
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Happy weekend reading!! 🙂