Found Poems

Found poetry, which can also be a form a visual poetry, is when you take an exististing text and rearrange it, highlight it, cut it out, or in some other way alter it to make an original poem.

It is a lot of fun to look at a page and see what words jump out at you and what you can do with them. You can also use pretty much anything to create these collage poems: letters, speeches, and even other poems.

Poetry is all around you, ready for you to bring out the words and create it! Perhaps you are on the train and notice a discarded newspaper laying beside you. What can you do? Sure you can read the old news but then what? Take a highlighter and highlight all of the words and phrases that jump out at you. What sounds nice to the ear or resonates with you? You don’t have to choose words simply because they are beautiful words that seem pretty. Not all poems are about pretty thing after all. Experiment by looking for words that are jarring to your senses. When you are done (perhaps after you have reached your destination) cut out or write down everything you have highlighted. I guarantee you will find some delightful combinations. Feel free to insert your own words as well. The possibilities for unveiling new meaning is endless.




visual 2

visual 3


Post 489
Isn’t this fine
This blog thing it’s all mine
Been doin it for quite some time
Makes me feel so mighty fine
This Angies Grapevine

Comments and likes
not many dislikes

Sometimes I ride my bike and go for hikes

On occasion we fish for pike.

I also like to watch Magic Mike
Could watch him all night
I’m almost his height
But I’ve got stage fright and I’m much to polite.

I’d like some wine

I called my buddy Dwight
He was feeling a little contrite
I think it may be a long night.

I’m not sure how to end this
I’m feeling such bliss
although amiss
I shall end it with a kiss