Saying “no” politely

no yes


I have always had trouble saying “no”.

I sometimes feel like a bad person for saying no, I’ve heard that it’s a symptom of “the disease to please.”

Always volunteering to help, work late, weekends…and of course at home. I often say yes when I should say no and it causes personal and emotional “burnout” .

I need to learn to say no for many reasons, my sanity, my wallet, my time….the list goes on.

It’s a simple fact that you can never be productive if you take on too many commitments — you simply spread yourself too thin and will not be able to get anything done, at least not well or on time.

Recently I have slowly been learning how to say “no” politely!  The more I say it the easier it becomes. 😀

I’ve learned that saying “No” doesn’t mean I am being rude or disagreeable. Saying “No” doesn’t mean there will be conflict or that I’ll miss opportunities in the future.

I have my own priorities and needs, just like everyone has his/her own needs. Saying no is about respecting and valuing my time and space.

Just sayin…:D