Kick in the crotch!!

I have a very close friend who often says “I could just give em a kick in the crotch!!”  when she gets angry, annoyed or frustrated with peoples rudeness and disrespect.  This is for Dorty:

Any time someone:

Oh I’m sorry did the middle of my sentence interup the start of yours? “kick in the crotch”

Puts their indicator on at the last-minute to turn the corner “kick in the crotch”

Doesn’t hold the door for you at the store,  just lets it go in your face or doesn’t say Thankyou for holding the door open them “kick in the crotch”

Races you to the last pack of  $1.99 cheese slices “kick in the crotch”

Talking loudly or eating bags of chips at the movie theatre “kick in the crotch”

Spits gum out of their mouth at the entry to the store right in front of you (for Paula) “kick in the crotch”

People blocking your way in the grocery isle even after you say “excuse me” pretending they don’t hear you. “kick in the crotch”

One of my biggest kick in the crotch moments would have to be…….Spitting I absolutely hate it when I see people spitting anywhere other than the bathroom sink! A definite “kick in the crotch” moment for me.  Just plain and simple rudeness drives me crazy and always deserves a “Kick in the crotch”!

Whats your kick in the crotch moment??

Something to think about:

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”
Edmund Burke