A New kid By Friday, pffftttt!

I had worked at a large family resort for a number of years, my boss at the time “Saaannnnnddrra” 🙂 would ask me if I had any “Hayleigh Stories” .  Hayleigh is my youngest daughter and has always been spirited and I am sure she is an old soul , she  has an answer for absolutely everything, a wicked sense of humor and when she is angry takes no prisoners.

I always say “she is going to be something ” and ” I pity the man she marries” 😀

I was reading a book called Have a New Kid By Friday, Hay must have seen it lying around earlier in the week.

She had come into my room one night and I was reading “the book” and I quickly tried to hide it without  much luck,  she said ” oh new kid by friday huh, how’s that working out for you?”.  REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! I as usual, had no response but to laugh and kick her out of my room 😀

There is no book written to date deal with the likes of Hayleigh 😀

Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days