Fun Friday Cocktail – The Woo Woo with Sex on the beach



Woo Woo

Basically a Sex on the Beach, minus the orange juice. A good one to make in bulk!


1 part vodka

1 part peach schnapps

4 parts cranberry juice


Add a slice of peach to jazz it up

2/3 oz. Schnapps, peach

1 1/3 oz. vodka

1 1/3 oz.  cranberry juice

1 1/3 oz. orange juice


My mother Looovvveeesss Sex on the Beach she had her first experience in Hawaii a couple of years ago. 🙂

This one I think is very close if not the original recipe


Sex on the beach

1 1/2 oz vodka

1/2 oz peach schnapps

2 oz cranberry juice

2 oz orange juice

Add vodka and peach schnapps to a highball glass over ice.

Fill with equal measures of orange juice and cranberry juice and stir.

Substitues could be pineapple juice instead of orange juice or Midori, Chambord instead of Schnapps.