Just thoughts

not a sermon

I know Social Media is a supposed to be a place where we can share thoughts, ideas, passions…which it is, but please stop posting horrible crimes towards children and animals on facebook!!

While I’m scrolling through to see what friends and family are up to BANG there it is, a picture of a guy being abusive to  a pit bull or horrific pictures of baby pigs, cows, chickens, puppies and children… I’ll say no more 

I don’t live in a bubble , although sometimes I wish I did!

I don’t often watch or listen to the news, someone once said I was ignorant …ummmm no

definition of ignorant in the dictionary is as follows :

  1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

I am a very sophisticated lady I know which fork to use with what and I have impeccable manners 😀 I am kind and caring  , I am educated and I have knowledge and awareness in all aspects of life.  

2.   Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular:  “ignorant of astronomy”.

Well I’ll admit I’m ignorant of astronomy, I can only find the big dipper and the little dipper….I do not lack knowledge,information or awareness on animal or child abuse, or any other crime.

My sister and I were having a conversation about friends and family that post photos of animal cruelty and child abuse on Facebook. Personally I do not need these images forever engraved in my mind, I am well aware of what the human race is capable of, I grew up in a large city and was exposed to a wide variety of things good and bad,  I have worked/volunteered at Animal Shelters here and in Toronto and at an Endangered Animal Sanctuary in Toronto for Bill Valliere as a co-op student , who I have never forgotten, this is where one of the many residents at the Millwood Road location was a full-grown panther who called this place his home only because he had been de-clawed and had teeth removed so he could be used as a “prop”, a tiger who had been de-clawed and abused ,monkeys that had once been loved then chained and forgotten, birds that had been smuggled in suitcases and then found to be too loud or messy, snakes, all kinds of exotic animals smuggled into the country neglected and abused.

I have friends who have had to deal with their own monsters.

I have seen first hand what people are capable of and don’t need it displayed in photos to convince me to stop eating meat or stop animal abuse, or to get involved.

If I choose to get involved, which I do, I will , but please don’t display it and sensationalize it.

To the people that take the photos and make them available for re posting on facebook and other media … why not do something about it????  Don’t just take the picture to see how many likes or shares you’ll get!! Report these people.  To post a photo and say “lets get this guy” is outrageous!  It just enrages people, it doesn’t make them get involved it pisses them off and de sensitizes them it becomes just another photo.   Stop what is happening, this is something we/I forget, someone is taking that picture/video!!!  Sometimes I feel people do things and post photos for this very reason.

In my “bubble” I do what I can to help make a change.

We have 2 shelter/rescue dogs in our home and 2 cats, the cats had the usual “cat” life, their owners just could not care for them any longer, the same holds true for Scamps.  Simba has a much different story, she is our “special needs” girl.

Simba, had been taken from an extremely abusive situation, the animal control officer that rescued her didn’t think there was much hope in adopting her out.  I had never seen a dog so thin and timid, she just crawled across the floor, didn’t know or want to play and wouldn’t leave my side, at 4 years old she was eating puppy food, even after a few months at the shelter just to put her weight back on slowly as not to “shock” her system, we were only able to foster her before actually adopting her and after the adoption was approved we had home visits to see how she was adjusting, when Simba finally came to live with us it was recommended that there be no other pets in the home, wellll, we already had Murphy”the big orange hunter”, and I “constructively reasoned” with the shelter and brought Scamps home then  Gordo,she is the most loving dog I have ever known, she lies at my feet, sleeps with me and is my constant companion and loves Scamps to the moon and back 😀 the cats not so much 😀

I have actually “blocked” a couple of “news feeds” belonging to friends of mine, because they post extremely graphic photos of harm being and having been done to animals and children.

If I choose to learn about these things I’ll google it or go to an organization where I can really help make a difference, we as a family make every effort to cut down on how much meat we eat, but let’s face it, unless the whole planet decides to go meat free we are never going to be rid of slaughter houses, chicken and dairy farms etc. People will continue to abuse children, animals, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and even reptiles.

I understand in order to get the “word out” and make a change you need to be proactive.  But I don’t feel using graphic photos is going to do the trick….it forces me to block or not watch.

I know it raises awareness, it’s certainly got my attention, but even before the social media, people were becoming proactive without the graphics.  I know Greenpeace, PETA and WWF and others do it that’s how my awareness began.

Not a sermon, Just a thought 😀