Haiku and related form

The faculty had a curling bonspiel at the East...  Love the title it’s the “related form” I’m writing here…:D 😀 😀

A little haiku
to explain my absence here
First there was working

Then curling bonspiel
lots of driving around town
The kids lost their game

But only by two
gained experience galore
still needed a tissue

Sportsmanship top-notch
Another long game today
more driving around

hope to have a win

See you on Monday
for Meatless recipes
and useless Tuesday info

Remember to Laugh loudly
Love generously
Care deeply
and most importantly
Speak kindly.

Sunday Silliness – The Broom

My friend Mix and Match Meme  gave me a great idea, to write a poem about a broom, yes that’s right a broom. 😀

See Mix and Matchs’ poem here

English: Broom Suomi: Luuta

The Broom

Over there in the corner of the room

is my broom

sitting all alone in the corner of the room

Did you know that it’s a corn broom?

They are the best at cleaning up a messy room

Dog hair, cat hair even my hair

zoom, zoom,zoom

helping me to clean up my room

Over there in the corner of the room

is my broom.

Happy Silly Sunday!