Cherished Sunday morning Silence

I love Sunday mornings!!  They are usually always so quiet and peaceful. c

The girls had friends over once again, what a mess in the “play room” all I heard for a couple of hours was constant laughing and giggling , the girls received Just Dance 2014 for the x box over the holidays and the 4 of them danced the night away, empty glasses, plates and bags of chips scattered.

Bentley arrived this morning at 5:45 to spend the day with us and Paul left for work at 6:30.

I’ve been puttering with housework, laundry , I’ve even brought in firewood!!  no applause necessary

Now I am having a little break enjoying a small bag of Lays chips and a coffee….yes that’s right I’m eating chips for breakfast! 😀

I love being in the quiet of my home doing whatever I please without interruption.  I cherish these moments!  It will soon end as Bentley will wake up , the girls will rise and want breakfast, cereal is on the menu this morning ladies. 😀


I hope you all enjoy your day!!

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈