Kigu Meme

I just heard the craziest thing on the radio on the way home from work yesterday.

The newest fashion trend is the “tail”!!!

TellTails are a new line of wearable animal tails sold in the U.K. and by specialty retailer Kigu.

You can choose to have a  Lizard, Squirrel, Dinosaur, Lion, Lemur and Fox tails to add-on to your outfit for the day!  Seriously???

You attach your tail with elasticized waist and shoulder bands.  They cost between 40 and 50 bucks.

Lemur Tail

These head-to-toe animal outfits, sometimes worn as pajamas, were turned into a fashion statement by trendy youth in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, but can now be found worldwide in schools, nightclubs, and music videos.

I was born in the year of the monkey so this would seem an obvious choice

Check out some of the other animal outfits they have


I don’t think I’ll be purchasing a tail anytime soon however, nor wearing my monkey suit out the next time I go clubbing. 😀

I think I’ll stick to my jeans and a t-shirt

Jeans and t-shirt for Petite Blythe


This is one fashion trend I will not be following.